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Andrea Stillacci

President - Founder / HEREZIE


Andrea Stillacci, 42, is a graduate of Economic Sciences. He has previously been a contemporary art critic and a dj.

Andrea worked for CDP and BDDP in Italy before being made Deputy ECD of JWT Milan in 1999. In 2002 Andrea moved to JWT London as Worldwide Creative Director for Unilever. He won 2 Gold at the Unilever Effectiveness Awards. In 2004 he moved to JWT Paris as Vice President and Executive Creative Director, where under his leadership JWT became the second most awarded French agency at Cannes in 2006. He was member of the JWT Worldwide Creative Council. In 2007 Andrea joined Grey Paris as Co-President and Chief Creative Officer.

He is member of the Grey Global Creative Council. In 2009 Grey Paris became the most awarded French agency in Cannes.

In June 2010 he launched his own Agency in Paris: HEREZIE. Since then, Herezie has won 13 Clients in 14 months including brands like Samsung, Unilever, Nespresso, Chevrolet for Europe, Essilor for the World.

Over the last 5 years Andrea has won over 60 international awards for film, digital, press, poster and integrated campaigns including 3 Euro Effies and 1 Grand Prix Effie in France.

Andrea has been on the jury of 6 international Advertising Festivals including the Cannes Lions, Clio, LIAA, NYF, Adprint and 5 Major French festivals.

He is multi-lingual and speaks fluent Italian, Spanish, English and French.

He lives in Paris with his wife and his 2 daughters.

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Tide Ultra - "Doesn't Stand a Chance"<br />photo credit:
Tide Ultra - "Doesn't Stand a Chance"<br />photo credit:
Tide Ultra - "Doesn't Stand a Chance"<br />photo credit:

Tide Ultra - "Doesn't Stand a Chance"

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The Museum of Death, California<br />photo credit:
The Museum of Death, California

The Museum of Death, California

ABC No Rio, New York<br />photo credit:
ABC No Rio, New York

ABC No Rio, New York

The Horse Hospital, London<br />photo credit:
The Horse Hospital, London

The Horse Hospital, London

Giancarlo Murazzi, Turin<br />photo credit: Giancarlo Murazzi Group
Giancarlo Murazzi, Turin

Giancarlo Murazzi, Turin

Casa del Popolo, Montreal<br />photo credit:
Casa del Popolo, Montreal

Casa del Popolo, Montreal

Black Dog Restaurant, Paris<br />photo credit:
Black Dog Restaurant, Paris

Black Dog Restaurant, Paris

Souffle Continu, Paris<br />photo credit:
Souffle Continu, Paris

Souffle Continu, Paris

Forte Prenestino, Rome<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Forte Prenestino, Rome

Forte Prenestino, Rome

Amoeba Music, San Francisco<br />photo credit:
Amoeba Music, San Francisco

Amoeba Music, San Francisco

Squat Cafe, Moscow<br />photo credit:
Squat Cafe, Moscow

Squat Cafe, Moscow

Tacita Dean<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Tacita Dean
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Gina Pane<br />photo credit: Gina Pane
Jenny Holzer<br />photo credit: Jenny Holzer
Philippe Parreno<br />photo credi: Philippe Parreno
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