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Santosh Padhi

Chief Creative Officer / Taproot India


Popularly known as 'Paddy', Santosh started his advertising career 17 years ago. Completing an eventful 10-year stint at Burnett, where he was a Executive Creative Director and National Head of Art (India), Santosh left the Leo Burnett network three and half years ago to start his maiden creative venture, Taproot India.

Currently as Chief Creative Officer, Taproot India, Paddy leads the agency’s creative vision on some of India’s leading national and iconic international brands like Pepsico, The Times Of India, Mumbai Mirror, Airtel, DSP Black Rock Mutual Funds, Nirma Detergents, Marico, Karbonn Mobile to name a few.

In the last three and a half years, Taproot India has risen to become one of India's most prominent independent creative agencies in India, was ranked India's best performing agency at Cannes and was also declared the No. 1 Independent agency from India, rated as top best 20 Independent agencies in the world by Cannes survey. Last year Taproot India was the second most awarded ad agency in India in the local awards. Recently, at the Spikes Asia, they were the runner up independent agency of the year.

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Epuron - "The Power of Wind"

Channel 9 - "Nonstop Action"<br />photo credit:

Channel 9 - "Nonstop Action"

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Dove - "Evolution"

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Smooth E - "Love Story" Series

Coca Cola - "Share a Coke"<br />photo credit:

Coca Cola - "Share a Coke"

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Nike - "Write the Future"

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Bangkok Insurance - "Probability"

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Canal+ - "Great Story"

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Honda - "Cog"

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Nike - "Tag"

India Bazaar: Vintage Indian Graphics (Icons)<br />photo credit:

India Bazaar: Vintage Indian Graphics (Icons)

Samantha Harrison & Bari Kumar

A Better India: A Better World<br />photo credit:

A Better India: A Better World

N. R. Narayana Murthy

Mumbai Now<br />photo credit:

Mumbai Now

Naresh Fernandes & Chirodeep Chaudhuri

Jinnah vs Gandhi<br />photo credit:

Jinnah vs Gandhi

Roderick Matthews

Gandhi the Man<br />photo credit:

Gandhi the Man

Eknath Easwaran

Raghu Rai's India<br />photo credit:

Raghu Rai's India

Raghu Rai

Life After Death<br />photo credit:

Life After Death

Deepak Chopra

Luerzer's Archive<br />

Luerzer's Archive

National Geographic<br />photo credit:

National Geographic

Straight from the Heart<br />photo credit:

Straight from the Heart

Kapil Dev

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Mr. Bean

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The Godfather

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Kung Fu Panda 2

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Kill Bill

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127 Hours

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City of God

Goa Beaches, India<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Goa Beaches, India

Goa Beaches, India

Konark Sun Temple<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Konark Sun Temple

Konark Sun Temple

Mahabaleshwar Hills, India<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Mahabaleshwar Hills, India

Mahabaleshwar Hills, India

St. Paul de Vence, Cannes, France<br />photo credit:
St. Paul de Vence, Cannes, France

St. Paul de Vence, Cannes, France

Paris, France<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Paris, France

Paris, France

Pattaya Beach, Thailand<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Pattaya Beach, Thailand

Rajasthan Palaces, India<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Rajasthan Palaces, India

Rajasthan Palaces, India

Muir Woods, California<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Muir Woods, California

Muir Woods, California

Chilika Lake, India<br />photo credit: Wikipedia
Chilika Lake, India

Chilika Lake, India

Jagannath Temple, Puri, India<br />photo credit:
Jagannath Temple, Puri, India

Jagannath Temple, Puri, India

Vincent van Gogh<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Vincent van Gogh
Bhimsen Joshi<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Bhimsen Joshi
M.F. Hussain<br />photo credit: Wikipedia M.F. Hussain
Lata Mangeshkar<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Lata Mangeshkar
Kishore Kumar<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Kishore Kumar
Mohammed Rafi<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Mohammed Rafi
Ustad Bismillah Khan<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Ustad Bismillah Khan
Satyajit Ray<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Satyajit Ray
Rajinikanth<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Rajinikanth
Raj Kapoor<br />photo credit: Wikipedia Raj Kapoor
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Still Free<br />

Still Free

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UNIQLO - "Uniqlock"

TED<br />


The Times of India<br />

The Times of India

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